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תיבת טקסט: TIKTEC Covers & Bags
תיבת טקסט: Welcome to TIKTEC covers

Rozental systems is the largest manufacturer for soft padded covers & bags in Israel.
We are producing a large number of models, some of them are in our stock permanently.

Loudspeakers, Guitar amp’s, mixers, Stands, Mic’s,,, DJ LP/CD... 
We cover them all.

Mackie, EAW, Meyer, JBL, Turbo Sound, Nexo, Yamaha, Yorkville, EV, Proel, Sound Craft, Elder, Berhinger and more!
Wide range covers for plastic cabinets 10”, 12” 15”.

All our products are made with heavy duty materials, The outside fabric is black waterproof Cordura, The inside foam is SF 1cm’ for better protection, Inside fabric is colored Cordura.
Colors are available by order in advance.

OEM production & design services available.

Worldwide export.